Grafana Plugin-tools: Create Grafana Plugins With Ease

@grafana/create-plugin works on macOS, Linux and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you’ve questions or need assistance, please ask in GitHub Discussions. Panel plugins let you add new kinds of visualizations to your dashboard, such as maps, clocks, pie charts, lists, and more. The plugin examples on this repository use NPM to handle frontend dependencies. Whilst you may be welcome to copy these examples and use Yarn or PNPM as an alternative, we offer no assist for them. We usually recommend that you construct for a version of Grafana later than v9.0.

grafana plugin development

Module.js – The entry level by way of which the Grafana connects the plugin to itself. The major requirement is that it incorporates a single export – the entry level to your plugin, however inside it, you can do something you need, for Grafana it’s a black box. We recommend that you upgrade your Grafana dependencies if that grafana plugin development is so so that you at all times use the most recent API. This runs a compatibility examine for the newest release of Grafana plugins API in your project each time a new push or pull request is open. If it finds an error you will notice a message indicating you’ve an incompatibility.


The frontend a half of Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a set of extensions for Grafana, and the Grafana documentation supplies a basic understanding of how issues work. But after I studied it, it was nonetheless obscure how to approach development in apply. The function of this collection of articles is to summarize the knowledge and allow you to stop the mistakes that we made.

See Percona’s latest information coverage, press releases and business recognition for our open source software program and help. Runs Webpack in watch mode for improvement, frequently monitoring for changes. Make sure you might be utilizing a supported OS, Grafana version, and tooling.

grafana plugin development

A new React component library supplies a constant framework that makes it simpler and faster for users to create plugins. Use the CLI for important tasks of plugin improvement, substituting npm for pnpm, or yarn based on your choice of bundle supervisor. With the create-plugin tool, you need to use a Docker container to simplify the configuration, loading, and growth processes.

Npm Run Server​

The matter might be considered from the angle of a front-end engineer. All of the examples use grafana/create-plugin as a substitute of @grafana/toolkit. You can streamline the plugin evaluate process by incorporating provisioning into your present plugin, enabling reviewers to test your plugin more effectively. In case your plugin was using @grafana/toolkit earlier than make sure to migrate it first using npx @grafana/create-plugin migrate. Run the command in the folder the place you want to retailer your plugins. The new plugin will be scaffolded in a sub-directory of the folder the place you run the command.

✨ Gain inspiration from our plugin examples to get began quickly and implement new options in your plugin. 🛠️ Use the Grafana plugin SDK for Go to simplify the development of backend components. ✅ Ensure your plugin is prepared for publishing to the Grafana plugin catalog with our validator tool. If you have beforehand built a plugin with @grafana/toolkit, you should use our plugin instruments to make the jump to our latest instruments. Of course, to work with the K8s API server, we need a person with read only entry.

Visit the Grafana developer portal for tools and assets for extending Grafana with plugins. Business Intelligence for Grafana simplifies alerting for business users, providing them with an accessible platform. JavaScript or TypeScript can be used because the programming language (we selected TypeScript for our plugin). In the repository there may be numerous starter packs (there’s even an experimental instance of the plugin on React) with pre-installed and pre-configured crawlers.

grafana plugin development

If your plugin makes use of TypeScript, then you need to use @grafana/levitate to check if the Grafana APIs your plugin is utilizing are suitable with a sure model of Grafana. This Mono-repo uses NPM for bundle administration, NX to efficiently orchestrate tasks throughout the codebase, and Auto for streamlined and automated package publishing. We’ve fastidiously chosen and built-in these applied sciences to enhance growth workflows.

Grafana Http Api Information Source

App plugins bundle information sources and panels to provide a cohesive expertise, such as the Prometheus and Kubernetes apps. Dashboards are a set of panels organized in a grid with a set of variables (for example, server name). By altering the variables, you’ll be able to change the information that is displayed on the dashboard, like show data from two separate servers. All dashboards may be personalized, you’ll have the ability to set the composition of the panels and their layout.

Where model is the version of your plugin, url is a hyperlink to the repository, and the commit is a hash of the commit where that model of the plugin will be obtainable. A single source for documentation on all of Percona’s leading, open-source software. The following GitHub workflow instance can be used in your project to keep an eye on the compatibility of your plugin and the grafana API. You can read extra about customizing and increasing the base configuration in our documentation.

  • We use it in PMM to arrange our plugins and plugins developed by the community.
  • Grafana’s plugin instruments offer an formally supported approach to extend Grafana’s core functionality.
  • You can discover entry manifests to create one in the plugin’s source code.
  • The frontend part of Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a set of extensions for Grafana, and the Grafana documentation provides a primary understanding of how issues work.
  • @grafana/create-plugin works on macOS, Linux and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Create your individual pages and access datasources for knowledge visualization, or work with the API immediately, of course. This is the most common type of plugin, the fundamental factor of visualization of chosen indicators. Data supply plugins talk with exterior sources of knowledge and return the info in a format that Grafana understands. By including an information supply plugin, you’ll find a way to immediately use the data in any of your existing dashboards. 📖 Learn from tutorials and documentation within the Grafana developer portal.

Before diving into the codebase, make sure to consult the contributing guide for a smooth collaboration expertise. Signs the Grafana plugin using the most recent model of @grafana/sign-plugin. Display Base64 encoded files in PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, WEBM, MP3, OGG, PDF codecs. The knowledge for this web page shall be routinely collected from your,, and the plugin.json file with the plugin description.

The listing name — relies on the answers you gave to the prompts. This directory accommodates the preliminary project construction to kickstart your plugin improvement. We focus on creating plugins that enable you to visualize your business information on the Grafana platform. @grafana/create-plugin that gives a simple CLI that helps plugin authors quickly scaffold, develop, and take a look at their plugins without worrying about configuration particulars. We created this so now creating Plugins isn’t “grunt work” or dependent on a webpack skilled. Exporters rework metrics from specific sources right into a format that can be ingested by Prometheus.

There are many dashboards developed by the Grafana or community for different sorts and sources of data. We use it in PMM to arrange our plugins and plugins developed by the community. It permits you to construct your own front-end software inside Grafana.

This is a library of set up guides with dashboard templates and alerting guidelines for in style Prometheus exporters from the observability consultants at Grafana Labs. I really have been wanting into Grafana plugin growth however I was missing a straightforward to follow guide. As a PMM consumer I would love to have a web page where I can see the incidents in my databases; similar to OEM incident manager. A connector for an information source (for example, Clickhouse-datasource,  Elastic-datasource, Prometheus-datasource).

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