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We propose you to provide you with sites where you can understand scientifically, how accessible is the extension of its definition.

Financial education

Through this button you will be able to access all the information necessary to know and investigate personal finances.

Vial education

Everything you need to know to protect yourself and avoid accidents, automotive safety, as well as pedestrian protection.

Gender violence

You will have the contributions through specialists trained in this subject through the links that we provide.

Environmental education

To take care of the planet, we connect with places that can provide information to work on caring for our environment.


La autonomía corporal y el derecho a decidir sobre el propio cuerpo

El derecho a decidir sobre el propio cuerpo es un pilar fundamental de la autonomía corporal.

Este concepto implica que cada persona tiene la capacidad de tomar decisiones informadas y libres sobre su cuerpo y salud, sin coerción ni discriminación.

En muchos países, este tema es especialmente controvertido cuando se aborda la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo.

La autonomía corporal incluye el derecho a conocer y aprender sobre nuestro cuerpo y salud sexual, y a acceder a servicios de salud adecuados.

En Uruguay, desde 2012, la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo no está penalizada si se cumplen ciertos requisitos establecidos por la ley.

Promover la autonomía corporal es esencial para asegurar que todas las personas puedan ejercer plenamente sus derechos sexuales y reproductivos.

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About us:

Radio Activa Florida

In 2014, a group of people got together to form the ACTIVA Group with the aim of responding to a call from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the granting of a shared radio frequency. We were a diverse group, with different backgrounds and experiences, but united by the same mission: to bring a unique and interdisciplinary approach to resource development at the neighborhood level. We knew that through collaboration, we could make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Therefore, we present a project to develop it in the Corralón del Tigre Town getting their approval. Said communication project called Radio Activa It is a space oriented to neighborhood communication, promoting information for reflection in all areas of social interest, through the participation of different local, national and international actors, trying to facilitate the participation of the community. This Project, which dates back to 2014, has been reformulated based on the experiences lived and the knowledge that is acquired day by day in contact with the neighborhood reality.

The ACTIVA Group is now an established organization, we have formed an Active Civil Organization (CSO) 2014 whose authorities are Yamandú Bermudez president, Marcelo Aguilar secretary and Juan Manuel Lamanita as a member with their respective alternates as well as the corresponding commissions that are a requirement for a CSO.

The creation of the OSC It is a condition established by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for the passage from Shared Frequency Radio to Common Frequency.

Today, with the process underway, we begin a new phase of communication of the needs, interests and problems of the community, with information as a basic element. We do not have any commercial purpose and we intend to maintain the best communication standards through donations and other collaborations. Our goal is to create learning experiences that are inspiring and engaging, and that have a positive impact on the community. We take pride in our work and strive to continue to develop innovative tools and resources. By combining our knowledge and our passion, we are confident that we can create meaningful and lasting change.



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